Montagny soon to celebrate its centenary


In 1936, Montagny was one of the first great wines of Burgundy to be recognized by the INAO (National Office of Appellations).

Today, Millebuis offers a selection of Premier Cru wines: “Les Coères”, “Les Chaniots” and “Montcuchot”, each of them blessed with individual character and particular style.


Spotlight on Montagny Premier Cru “Les Coères”

With an area covering 34 hectares, « Les Coères » is the largest named Premier Cru “Climat” in the Montagny Appellation. The vines are situated on a plateau and on slopes facing both north and south-east. They source the dense, mineral character that is so typical of our Montagny 1er Cru « Les Coères » in shallow soils composed of clay, blue marl and fossil-rich limestone.