First appraisal of the 2014 vintage


At the start of the 2014 season, a mild and temperate winter quickly caused the vegetation to awaken. Early budburst was followed by a spring that was both sunny and dry. The vine foliage did not develop much but the growth cycle caused flowering in late May thanks to the energy imparted by the spring light, flowering ended in the 2nd weekend of June. A summer that was neither good nor bad allowed the vine cycle to evolve without losing its initial advance. Glorious conditions in late August and through September were very favourable for good ripening.  Harvesting took place serenely from September 3rd to 26th. The crop was in perfect health with good fruit integrity, ripe seeds and high levels of anthocyanins and polyphenols in the Pinot and Gamay grapes.


During early years the plant vegetative phase always have the advantage of benefitting from maximum sunshine, this promotes the build-up of sugars and nutrient reserves required by the fruit.


2014 wines made from Chardonnay have floral dominant bouquets (white flowers and fresh fruit). They are ample, frank and well-balanced with good structure in the mouth. They are also refreshing and complex with a depth that suggests a bright future.

Wines made from Pinot Noir benefitted from longer vatting periods of 15 to 18 days; the ripeness of the fruit and pips allowed elaboration of suave and dense wines.

Good colour extraction with a large aromatic spectrum that varies with each vat: from lively red fruit to black fruit sprinkled with spices. These are wines with body and silky tannins that will flourish over the maturing period.