Behind the scenes with a drone


Buxy is a viticutural village in the department of Saône-et-Loire, in the region of Burgundy (Bourgogne). It is here that Millebuis was born. Seen from above, its fortifications form the shape of a heart and so this symbol is associated with our brand.


To get a bird’s eye view of Buxy, Bourgogne Live Prod suggested using a drone. They have a Cinecopter, an eight-prop UAV that can carry a Canon 5D Mark III camera. It is piloted by Matthew from Aéropix, he has a pilot’s license approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA). This drone is allowed to fly in the countryside provided it is not over groups of people. The drone is operated using remote control while the filmmaker of Bourgogne Live Prod frames the image and directs the camera with a second remote control. Each operator has a monitor to display the flight and the image.

To fly in Buxy, we used a lighter, six-prop UAV to meet the stipulations of the French legislation, in terms of weight, allowed to fly in town. Of course the Town Hall was warned about the flight. The filming technique is the same.


Behind the scenes of the movie "NEXT STOP Millebuis" with the drone in Buxy from Millebuis on Vimeo.