The Range

Between the Côte de Beaune to the north and the mounts of the Mâconnais in the south, the Côte Chalonnaise vineyards spread along a swath of 30 km by approximately 7 km in width. Here, in the heart of landscapes punctuated by hills in a carefully preserved environment, the vines have found their happy place on the southeast facing hillsides. For over a thousand years vine stocks have grown in soils similar to those of the neighbouring Côte de Beaune and the grapes ripen well here; benefitting from hot summers and dry autumns.

Much of the history of our region is founded in viticulture. Certain wines were enjoyed by the Court of France in the Middle Ages. The wine of Givry, for example, was particularly esteemed by King Henry IV. Cluny monks were also fond of Montagny wines and contributed significantly to the enhancement of the vineyard.

For a long time, the relatively unknown wines of the Côte Chalonnaise were sold under the names of other villages of the Côte de Beaune. Since 1930 however, and thanks to the implementation of AOC regulations, our wines have managed to make a name for themselves…and they are becoming increasingly popular every day.

Still wines